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Marlina Lidya, M,Pd

Nanda Kristia Santoso, M.Pd

Risgar friassanttano, M.Pd

Ferry Yonantha M.Pd

Fadil Yonata M.Pd

Muslena Layla M.Si

Taqiyuddin, M.Pd

Jumlah halaman; 300

Ukuran Buku; A5 (14,8×21)

Versi Cetak: Tersedia

Versi E-Book: Tersedia

Berat; 0 Kg

Harga; Rp. 125.000

Pola :

  • As adjective as

e.g. Jack is as smart as His Father.

In question is the word “as” which is the counterpart of the adjective as.

  • Not + so + adjective + as

e.g. Jack isn’t so smart as His Father.

  • The same + noun + as

e.g. Jack is the same age as His Father.

Like + objek Tobe + alike

e.g. Linda is smart like his mother.

e.g. Linda is smart. Linda and her mother are alike.

Degree of comparison is a material that aims to tell how to compare something, be it an “equal” comparison (Positive Degree), a “more/less” comparison (Comparative Degree) or a “most” comparison (Superlative Degree).



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