A Study Of Logs Frequency On MoodleIn Writing Subject

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methods. This change is a challenge for Indonesian education, which must also prepare students to adapt to face the challenges of the era of Industry 4.0. The success of online learning is highly dependent on several integrate components, such as students, educators, learning resources, and the technology use.

Learning is a process built to develop students’ creative thinking (Widodo & Kadarwati, 2013). Meanwhile, the term ‘daring’ is an abbreviation of ‘Dalam jaringan,’ which is the Indonesian substitute of the word ‘online that is often relate to internet technology. The learning process, whether using learning applications or social networking, is call online learning. According to Basilaia & Kvavadze (2020), online learning is the experience of knowledge transfer using video, audio, images, text communication, and software support by internet networks (Zhu & Liu, 2020). The essential factor in online learning is the readiness of educators and students to interact online.

Students with previous online learning experiences tend to have more effective learning strategies when taking online class, and hence, have higher levels of motivation in their online class. In addition, when students have higher levels of motivation in their online class, their levels of technology self-efficacy and class satisfaction increase. Finally, students with higher levels of technology self-efficacy and class satisfaction also earn better final grades.

Current technological developments enable online learning to be implement well. The technology adopt in education today has led to a variety of new learning models. Some of these models are learning with the help of electronic devices (e-learning), such as Compact Discs, which contain material to be study and distribute by post; distance learning (distance learning); and also online learning, where learning material/media is place on a server that can be access via the internet.

According to Gikas & Grant (2013), the implementation of online learning requires mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops that can be used to access information anywhere and anytime. Abidah et al. (2020) discuss various infrastructures that support online learning for free, simple, and can be access using smartphones, namely various discussion rooms such as Moodle, Google Classroom, Zenius, and Quipper. Online learning can be done through social media, such as Facebook and Instagram (Kumar & Nanda, 2018). The Moodle has become the fundamental and adaptable term in blended Learning to actualize virtual based school to be implement in learning about writing skills.



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